5/12/2012 00:42:32

Mr. Meaders,

Do you find that the quality of your local clay differs with the seasons and the frequency of rainfall? I am curious as to how much the weather is a factor with your art.

5/13/2012 08:31:08

your are so right in assuming that weater effects the work sechule. In shop w/100% humidity is exactly what Im after. since I am basically a "facejug maker" - it is much like being a waffle house cook. you've got many things going on and trying to make them come together at once. in the shop I and never working a one facejug - always working on 15-20 at a time cause certain things can only be achieved when clay is at right temperment.after you have worked with clay for a while- you will find that clay has the personality and working with it is compariable to choosing the right time to work with your horse or livestock. with humidity in the air you can get all the clay your working with out (without being in a controled enviroment) and production and what the clay will do (in reference to face making) improves. now this is only applying to me - I kinow many potters that prefer to work in dry weather (usually folks building large storage vessels & churns) so the larger oieces will not absorb outside moisture and collaspe in drying.


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